Children's Orthodontist Katowice
Children's Orthodontist Katowice
Children's Orthodontist Katowice

Children’s Orthodontist in Katowice

Orthodontic treatment is possible at every age, provided that the condition of the teeth allows it.
Additionally, the treatment process depends on a number of other factors, such as SEVERITY of the malocclusion , condition of periodontium, general disorders or genetic predispositions. On the other hand, treatment duration and objectives as well as braces that we apply depend on the age.
Orthodontics aims at treating malocclusions, craniofacial defects and correcting dental anomalies. It is worth undergoing dental treatment regardless of age, both for health and aesthetic reasons.

Correct occlusion is a guarantee of a child’s health

Untreated malocclusions, especially among children, bring about very serious consequences. Overbite can lead to a more rapid abrasion of the permanent teeth, problems with their growth or enamel damage. Malocclusion is often related to an improper mouth hygiene, which can lead to tooth decay or gum diseases. Children with malocclusions can also have problems with proper articulation. Basic symptoms of occlusion problems among children that require immediate treatment include: facial asymmetry, lack of contact between maxillary and mandibular teeth or incorrect pronunciation.

treatment of Children

Treatment of CHILDREN aims at restoring correct development of the masticatory organ through elimination of detrimental habits, restoration of proper functions or early therapeutic intervention. We treat youngest patients by applying removable and partially permanent braces as well as, with great success, aligners.
Sometimes we support the treatment by extraoral appliances (e.g. facemask).

treatment of ADOLESCENTS

In this age group orthodontic treatment yields most benefits – from the correction of crooked teeth through modification of growth to the modification of the mutual position of a jaw and a mandible.

Studio Ortodoncji Cyfrowej offers top-level children’s orthodontics in Katowice.

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