Orthodontic appliances Katowice and Śląsk

Orthodontic braces for healthy and beautiful teeth


Straight teeth is a dream to those who suffer from malocclusion, as this defect causes them to avoid smiling and to control their natural enthusiastic reactions. We need to remember that the straightening of teeth has a positive effect not only on our appearance, but also on our health. Studio Ortodoncji Cyfrowej treats malocclusions in persons of every age. What is more, it offers the best orthodontic braces in the Silesia.

We are inviting residents of the Silesian Agglomeration to visit our studio, where we select appropriate orthodontic braces for every defect. We have chosen Katowice Muchowiec as our location due to its convenient access that makes it easier for residents of the entire province to reach us. Our strong points include an experienced, highly qualified staff of professionals and the application of the state-of-the-art technological solutions available on the orthodontic market. Patients benefitting from our services include children and the elderly – all those who want to enjoy healthy occlusion. Our equipment includes an intraoral scanner, therefore we are capable of visualising patients’ straightened teeth even before the treatment begins. Owing to this, our patients are well aware of the effects they can expect as part of the treatment at our studio in Katowice.

Permanent and removable braces

Depending on the age and individual needs of patients, we select an appropriate type of braces. They include permanent braces worn without removing for a longer time and removable braces that are ideal for minor defects. We are kindly inviting you to Studio Ortodoncji Cyfrowej in Katowice, where we will take a close look at your teeth in order to advise on the proper treatment. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!.

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